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Chiropractic Services

Our well rounded group of services promotes long term wellness. Each plan is custom tailored to the patient to improve their overall health.

A Word From Dr. Hansen

My first experience with chiropractic was in high school when I injured my back at a high school wrestling tournament. My parents brought me to see the family doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication. Dr David J Hansen with Patient My mother is a nurse and was skeptical of chiropractors, but after seeing that the medication wasn’t helping and that I was still in a lot of pain, she took me to a chiropractor. I went into the office with extreme pain and difficulty walking upright. [more]

What our patients have to say about us:

I originally visited Dr. Hansen due to extreme tension in my neck, shoulders, and constant headaches. The Dr. had me feeling better quickly & I continue to visit to maintain my health. It has worked wonders for my quality of life! Dr. Hansen and his staff are funny, sweet, and caring. It is a treat to visit! Their massage therapists are the BEST! Five stars for Hansen Chiropractic!
Deb S.
Everyone at Hansen Chiropractic has made my road back to a pain free and healthy life a breeze! Dr. Hansen and his team have done wonders with ridding me of years of daily headaches. Everyone in the office is professional, friendly, competent, and amazing! The office is a "one stop shop" of chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and they even have a Nurse Practitioner! They have all done an amazing job. Thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do for me!
Jennifer T.
Dr. Hansen is the best Chiropractor. His office has the best customer service. I have been coming for three years and he always welcomes me in with a smile. I would recommend him to anyone!
Marco R.
I've known Dr. Hansen for 3 years and he has been treating me for 2 years. Dr. Hansen is a professional and runs a professional office. Everyone who works there is professional and courteous. They are like family. I will never recommend someone who is not trustworthy, honest, and who does not take pride in their service to their community. But, I will ALWAYS recommend Dr. Hansen.
Dennis B.
My experience at Hansen Chiropractic has been so delightful that my whole family is receiving the benefits of Dr. Hansen's expertise. The support staff has address all of my concerns without hesitation. The 'homework' that Dr. Hansen has given me has increased my quality of life at work, home, and during sports activities.
Shawn S.
I cannot say enough positive things about Hansen Chiropractic. The friendly office staff are incredibly flexible with scheduling and last minute appointments. Dr. Hansen truly has a desire to improve the quality of life for each of this patients. His patience and gentleness puts his patients including children, at ease. The office provides a variety of services to bring their patients back to their optimal health. We have had nothing but positive experiences at Hansen Chiropractic.
The Phoenix Sund Family
I really wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Dr. Hansen is a great Chiropractor. He has me feeling great and I would recommend his services to anyone!
Hylan H.
Dr. Hansen is the best Chiropractor! I have experienced back pain for 26 years and have visited many doctors who promised relief but provided none. Dr. Hansen and his staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and skilled. I have recommended many friends to visit Dr. Hansen and one of them who was not a believer in Chiropractic is now a regular patient! Thank you for the entire staff!
Kendra T.
Dr. Hansen and his staff courteously addressed my needs and put me on the road to health. I have already recommended them to my family and friends.
Stan A.
I have been coming to Dr. Hansen for about a year now after being recommended by a co-worker. Coming here, the atmosphere has always been very warm and welcoming. The entire staff will take the time and do all they need to do to assist you in whatever you might need. The chiropractic has been incredible and my headaches are practically gone. I am able to more effectively do my work duties. The best part of this office is how stunning Dr. Hansen dresses, like a young Brad Pitt.
Doug K. (A.K.A Bustin Loose.)
Dr. Hansen and his entire team are awesome. Every time I come in the office I feel very welcomed! Dr. Hansen makes getting adjustments fun!
Shavon C.